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Corporate clients

Corporate - means: we, faithful, permanent.

What we offer our corporate clients?
Service at the highest level.
Non four categories: Economy Single, Economy Double, apartments, deluxe suites, 18 beds for single occupancy, 34 seats for two guests. In the absence of numbers, ordered by category - we are ready to provide room upgrade for the price of your order.
Always we help you if at the time of the reservation at the hotel would not availability, and agreed with our colleagues, without burdening you with this problem.
We organize the prompt and comfortable delivering guests to the hotel.
Corporate customer can always count on a discount of 10 to 30%, the amount of which is considered individually for each company and actually depend on criteria such as: loyalty, mass and frequency of placement.
If guests of your company, for whatever, reason while not accommodated in our hotel, or refused to travel as a whole, warn us about this before the time of arrival specified in the application, and we will not put you to the traditional account of the simple numbers


All guests who book a room deluxe hotel on the site or by phone +7(3852) 603-121, the transfer to the gift. The offer is valid from October 1 to December 30, 2015.
* -Transfer airport (railway station) -hotel or hotel - airport (train station).